Dating a heavy guy

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I agree that it's very difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle with a partner who doesn't share that.

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So, I doubt if things would have worked out for us, if he hadn't changed. think his going out with his friends after playing kickball to eat and drink is a 'bad habit'..are you even considering this person?

<b>Dating</b> someone heavier than your preference? Free <b>Dating</b>, Singles.

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"Stick in the mud" doesn't even begin to describe it..if you can get over the 'bad habit' aspect of it and go with them you could always order something 'healthy'..don't have to drink beer and eat wings...

Dating someone heavier than your preference? Free Dating, Singles.

I want to make it more that I workout during the week and eat healthy. I know he wants me to come to his games on Wednesday and I did last nht.

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